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Girls’ Power Learning Institute

A learning journey and accompaniment to formal power holders on how to meaningfully build, support, and resource girls’ power.

Why Girls?

Girls everywhere deserve to live in freedom, safety and dignity. For too many girls this opportunity is thwarted. Simply being young and female places them at the very bottom of social hierarchy, making all girls vulnerable to violence and discrimination. The compounding effects of structural inequalities such as class, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, and disability, work together to deepen exclusion and harm. Marginalization is the most pronounced for girls during their adolescent years, often resulting in withdrawal from or being pushed out of school, increased work burden, loss of peer support, increase in social isolation, pressure for early and forced marriage, and increased sexual violence.

However, this is not the end of the story. While we know girls face extreme vulnerabilities at the intersections of age and gender, we also know that they are immensely powerful, and they are not accepting this reality passively. They are pushing back in their homes, families, countries, and across the globe – actively working towards a world where this is no longer the status quo.  Reclaiming of their rights and the protection that comes with knowing and understanding their power is an important route to creating real, embedded, long-term transformational change- for girls and for the world.

Why the Girls’ Power Learning Institute?

Girls are relevant to every issue, movement, and sector  - humanitarian, climate, children’s rights, women’s rights, education, grassroots programming and grantmaking–  and yet are often invisible in programs, policies, and funding strategies. When girls are prioritised, most often it is within frameworks that disconnect them from their social and political context and ignore the systemic forces working to strip them of their innate power. As a result, funders, policy makers, and practitioners are missing out on a profound opportunity to support girls to build lives of safety, dignity, joy, and freedom – and to secure the broader social transformations that happen when girls are able to claim their power.

But another world is not only possible, we know how to get there. Over the past few years there have been a number of efforts to document the theory that underpins girls' power and resistance, and concrete strategies and practices on how to build and support it. The Girls’ Power Learning Institute supports people, institutions, movements and sectors in transforming their strategies and practices to better resource and support girls. 

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With an understanding that sectors, movements and institutions have unique frameworks and priorities - and each is starting from a different baseline on their work to centre girls-  we tailor our approach based on the needs, objectives, and opportunities of our partners.

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