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Laura Vergara

She / They


Laura is a Queer Colombian Feminist organiser, strategist, and resource mobiliser sparking collective action through the power of storytelling. Her journey began over fifteen years ago with her work within the immigrant and refugee rights movement and expanded across feminist and intersecting social movements.


She is Our Collective Practice’s Storytelling and Advocacy Weaver, the co-founder of SUKUAMIS | Wisdom and Healing, a Latin American feminist collective, and a team member of the Global Resilience Fund. She serves as an advisory member of the Racial Equity Index and a founding member of Young Feminist Solidarity with Palestine. Previously, she supported the With and For Girls Collective’s advocacy efforts, served as a Board member and, later, Acting Executive Director of FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund, Resource Mobilization Director of Inroads | International Network for the Reduction of Abortion Discrimination and Stigma, and Content Strategist for the University of Washington’s Accelerating Social Transformation program. She holds a Masters of Public Administration and a dual Bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Finance. She finds inspiration in social movements, collective care, art, and those that root themselves in solidarity and love.

Building narrative, knowledge and power with and for girls.

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