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Resourcing Girls’ Dreams, Power, and Resistance

“While girls are not the only people resisting systems of oppression and organising towards a more just world, their belief in freedom and a better world, as well as their unwavering courage to fight against all odds, is unique to this moment in their lives.”

“Despite – or perhaps because of – the immense challenges girls face, a common feature of their activism is the way they engage in the radical practice of imagining the world not how it is, but how it might be. And they bring this imagination back to bear on the present, in the ways they learn, play, organise, invent and care for themselves and each other. Indeed, it is likely her imagination that will lead us all to liberation.”

Too often activists, artists and narrative practitioners do not have access to resources and support to advance their efforts, despite the critical role they play across movements and social change efforts. This is even more disproportionate for girls, young feminists, and their allies. We move resources to young activists, artists, and narrative practitioners working to support girls' dreams, power, and resistance.

Narrative Revolution Fellowship


Through a feminist praxis grounded in global majority narrative knowing, counter-storytelling, and popular education techniques, the Narrative Revolution fellowship is dedicated to centering, supporting, and amplifying the experiences, wisdom, strategies, and dreams of girls and young feminist artists and activists.


Serving as a community-centric and creative incubator, the fellowship is a 6-month program that brings together girl and young feminist activists working across movements from different regions of the world. Throughout the journey, fellows will have the opportunity to build solidarity and explore a variety of narrative techniques, practices, experiences, and strategies. Fellowship to launch in May 2024!

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Resourcing Girls’ Ideas & Dreams Fund


Girls have powerful and creative ideas guiding their organising and strategising. These are the roadmaps to the revolution as girls have a deep capacity to both imagine the world anew and embody what it will take to get there.  


We are committed to and believe in the power of girls’ ideas, dreams and world-building. From efforts to counter misinformation by creating circles where they teach each other and their families how to identify it, to mutual aid networks that meet needs and emergencies, to creative art and healing spaces, to stand-up for political education, and much more. 


We are working to secure resources to launch the Resourcing Girls’ Ideas & Dreams Fund. If you would like to partner, please contact

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