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Flipping the Script

In mainstream culture and every sector, girls and young feminists are talked about rather than in conversation with. This has led to narratives confined within binaries and disconnected frameworks that limit their dreams, the resources they have access to, and perpetuate injustices. Through creative and experimental strategies, we collaborate with girls, young feminists and their allies to take back and reshape these narratives. Our goal is to quite literally flip the script so that it is owned, written, reflective and in constant evolution, bringing in all of the expansiveness and possibilities of girls’ dreams, resistance, and power.

#GirlsResist Campaign

Girls' stories matter. Not just as footnotes in history but as the driving force behind movements, revolutions, and the very fabric of change itself. The #GirlsResist campaign was launched in April 2024 with a commitment to create space for girls and young feminists to share their everyday acts of resistance. It’s time to amplify their stories filled with the reality of what it means to be a girl, along with the dreams, possibilities, and strategies to change the world. 


Throughout the campaign, girls and young feminists have been speaking truth to power, sharing stories of solidarity, sisterhood, and beyond.

girls resistance book

Stories of Girls’ Resistance Monologues

Monologues are channels that disrupt the disconnection created by systems that compartmentalise and oversimplify our realities into one-dimensional forms. It is a form of storytelling that has existed across generations and communities. Through monologues, the notion of "the other" is interrogated and challenged by offering profound insight into the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of the storyteller. Bringing us into a more profound understanding of our interconnection with each other. 


As our Artist in Residence, Erin Williams will co-write, co-stage, co-cast, and co-direct performance art piece presented through monologues. Erin will anchor the monologues in the Stories of Girls' Resistance collection. The debut of these monologues will take place at the AWID International Forum in December 2024.

Circles of Us

Co-created by Purposeful and International Resources on the Impact of Storytelling, Circles of Us builds on the Stories of Girls’ Resistance. This year-long fellowship….

film camera

Story of My Life

Written and produced by Mariama M Kamara

Dawn: A Story of Hope

Written and produced by Spice Njeri

Disability Is Not Inability

Written and produced by Annet Ndanema

Parentified Girls

Written and produced by Hannah Carew

Blossoms of Hope

Written and Produced by Sylvia Atieno

Mothers' Struggles

Written and produced by Jariatu Sillah

Cheers to Passion

Written and produced by Desmonda Aminata Cole

My Victory

Written and produced by Theresia Jaffu

Resistance in Early Marriage

Written and produced by Fatmata Kargbo

Anklets and Stereotypes

Written and produced by Serriecia Sesay

Untapped Voices

Written and produced by Rose Akinyi

Rise and Resist

Written and produced by Monica Patrick

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Written and produced by Neima Hassan


Written and produced by Isha Abis Kamara

Some Myths And Facts About FGM

Written and produced by Marian Bangura

Rising from the Ashes

Written and produced by Maryann Aoko

A Voice of Hope

Written and produced by Maryann Aoko


Written and produced by Rahma Hassan

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