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A container for people working in civil society or philanthropy who are committed to supporting and resourcing girls’ power, dreams and resistance. A space to connect with research, stories, and a community of people who share a deep commitment to girls and their power to advance an artistic idea, research, or other efforts.

Artist in Residence (summer)


Through her residence, Kruthika will be using art to enlarge girls’ dreams, hopes and collective imagination by creating an immersive exhibit based on this research as a part of her master’s thesis with New York University. Learn more about her work through the Girls’ dreaming and world building murmuration. 

Artist in Residence (2024)


Through her residence, Erin will be working to transform the “Stories of Girls’ Resistance”into monologues as performance art that will debut at the AWID International Forum in December 2024. Learn more about her work through the Flipping the Script murmuration.

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