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Stories of Girls’ Resistance

A global feminist storytelling initiative dedicated to documenting a true recount of history grounded in the role of girls’ resistance across social movements and geographies. The largest ever collection of oral and narrative history of adolescent girls’ activism, this body of work offers a window into girls’ lives and their resistance in all of its messiness, pain, and power. Through the Stories of Girls’ Resistance, you will discover the multiple ways girls are resisting – and transforming their homes, communities and the world. 


The Stories of Girls’ Resistance is a living and growing library, embodying a movement grounded in the belief that girls' stories matter and hold transformative knowledge, strategies, and tools. We continue to partner with activists, artists and academics to grow the archive and deepen our collective understanding of what the stories tell us about girls’ lives, power and resistance.

Stories of Girls’ Resistance: Global Analysis Book & Website

The book and website documents the everyday ways in which girls are making the world better in their homes, communities and the world. It weaves together the 150 stories in the collection to deepen our understanding of why girls resist, what sparks and sustains their resistance, the strategies and tactics they bring to their resistance, and the expansive ways girls are contributing to the world’s most powerful movements for change.

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“A lot of people just think girls don’t have a voice. I hate when people say we work for the voiceless. Who told you they’re voiceless? They always have a voice, it just needs to come out.”

– Josephine, West Africa


12 story curators 

+150 storytellers 

+90 countries

+80  feminist activists, practitioners, and artists

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Stories of Girls’ Resistance: The Regional Collection

Serves as a tribute to each individual storyteller, each chapter reflecting the regional expression of the stories, offering a glimpse into their lives and resistance. These stories, woven with threads of courage, wisdom, and creativity, hold the keys to unlocking a future where we can live in safety, dignity and freedom. Each region has brought the stories to life in powerful and unique ways. We share examples below and invite you to immerse yourself into each of the stories.

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Each individual story holds a lifetime of wisdom and tells us so much about girls’ individual lives and their resistance journeys. Explore all the individual stories across all the regions 

Emma is a feminist from Burkina Faso & Côte d’Ivoire doing work on the human rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community. After working with other organisations in Africa for the visibility and rights of African LGBTQ+ people, she created EmmaLInfos, a platform that amplifies the voices of queer women in francophone West Africa.


Through the four-part conversation curated by Eyala, Emma discuss the major events that shaped her childhood and caused her to question everything, and how that questioning led to resistance. She also shares how writing developed into her main form of resistance and the impact she is trying to achieve.

emma west africa

Palestinian Girls Resistance: Towards Our Liberation

A publication curated with the experiences, wisdom, pain, dreams, and power of six Palestinian activists fighting against the occupation and systems of oppression while pushing towards liberation. These stories were originally collected in 2019 as the Stories of Girls’ Resistance collection.

palestinian's girls resistance book
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“I believe I’m a person who is fighting for her right as a woman, fighting for her right as a girl, as a Palestinian, and I’m trying to include all of that in my resistance, in my activism. Because I believe we need to literally be free of everything and try to make our lives better.”

– Janna


This publication is part of Towards Our Liberation, an initiative woven with the wisdom, reflections, and experiences of Palestinians and their allies.

palestinian girls spread

The Stories of Girls’ Resistance is a multi-year, multi-site project spanning regions, organisations and offerings, this effort has many contributors and co-conspirators. Leading the work in each region are Story Curators who are deeply embedded in movements and girls’ work.

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