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In nature, murmuration is the practice of birds flying together in vast numbers, each bird keeps track of at least seven others around it, allowing for rapid and connected changes in direction and speed. Relying on their connection, they intricately coordinate their movements for safety and their collective wellbeing. We draw inspiration from this phenomenon and the power of collectivizing our efforts.

stories of girls resistance book

The largest-ever collection of oral and narrative histories of adolescent girls’ activism.

our resistance book

An effort honouring the power, depth, and diversity of the stories and efforts of Disability Rights activists working to remake the world.


Story based reasearch on what the world look and feel like if it emerged from girls’ dreams for the future, brought to life through written documentation and art.

film camera

A collaborative effort with girls, young feminists and their allies to quite literally flip the script so that it is owned, written, and reflective of their life and dreams.


Mechanism to resource girls' and young feminists' spaces of connection and their dreams, resistance, and power.

narrative puzzle

Container for people working in civil society or philanthropy who are committed to girls’ power, dreams and resistance to advance their work.


Co-creating and designing spaces to reflect together, create collective analysis, develop connections and build solidarity.

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