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Our Resistance: Stories of Disability Rights Activists

The stories of girls with disabilities are often ignored or told from the perspective of others, portraying them through a tokenizing and paternalistic lens of “inspiration” or pity. By erasing the full humanity, richness, diversity, and multidimensionality of people with disabilities, society stigmatises, generalises, and stereotypes the community at large, which consciously and unconsciously furthers violence and injustices across every aspect of their lives. Our Resistance is an effort to counter these narratives and lift up the stories and efforts of Disability Rights activists working to remake the world.

Our Resistance: Stories of Disability Rights Activists Anthology 1

Documenting the beautiful, rich, diverse and unfiltered stories of Anisie Byukusenge, Aminata, Crystal Asige, Elizabeth Patricia Pérez, Estefanía Cubillos Nova, Indira Azucena Vargas, Mariana Veliz Matijasevi, Nur Matta, and Monica Yeanie Ghaliwa: nine Disability Rights activists working to transform and remake the world into one that honours their full and rich humanity, experiences, and that is rooted in Disability Justice.

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“Liberation to me looks like independence. Not having to beg or to convince somebody of my worthiness or anything like that. Just being able to wake up in the morning and be independent. Do what I’ve been created to be: Everything.”

– Crystal Asige, Kenya


This anthology was co-led by Purposeful and Our Collective Practice, in partnership with feminist artists and narrative practitioners from across the world.

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