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Interconnected strategies for collective action

There is growing attention to the role girls play in sparking, leading, and sustaining movements and social change efforts. Yet, girls remain deeply underfunded and invisible to power holders across movements, sectors, and issues.

In mainstream culture and every sector, girls and young feminists are talked about rather than in conversation with. This has led to narratives, programs, and policies confined within binaries and disconnected frameworks that limit their dreams, the resources they have access to, and the space to build collective power. 


Generate evidence to centre girls' power

We create containers for activists and practitioners to aggregate, document, and disseminate the theories, knowledge and narratives that underpin girls’ dreams, power, and resistance. By collectively building an evidence base and co-creating tools and strategies, we are working to unlock more and better resources and systems for girls.


Amplify stories to shift narratives and public discourse

Stories shape narratives. Narratives shape decisions – in our own lives and at the funding, policy and programmatic levels. We ensure that girls are at the forefront of transforming public discourse and narratives about their lives and communities through creative storytelling and documentation.


Transform strategies and practices

Girls are relevant to all sectors, movements and populations – humanitarian, climate, children’s rights, women’s rights, education, grassroots programming and grantmaking. Across every space, there are organisations and actors committed to the concepts of girls’ power building, but who often lack the theories and practices to genuinely shift their work. We accompany people, institutions, movements and sectors in transforming their strategies and practices to better resource and support girls and young feminists.


Organise and mobilise resources to build and transform power

Recognising the importance of building collective power and resourcing the field, we resource and create spaces of connection for girls and young feminist activists, artists and narrative change practitioners. For allies working to support girls’ and young feminists' power, we create space to build a shared agenda towards a stronger, more networked and thriving ecosystem that is accountable to girls and young feminists.

We're open to different kinds of partnerships

Partnerships that respond to the dynamic needs of activists, funders, and practitioners within the ecosystem. Would you like to learn more? Lets connect:


What’s the importance of collective practice?

“The girls' field is at a crossroad. It is critical that we move girls' activism from the margins to the centre ground in any conversations about gender justice and human rights. We can only do that when we come together, answer critical questions as a field, and produce the evidence we all need to tell the indisputable truth of girls’ power. Our Collective Practice will do all of this and more. As critical infrastructure for the girls rights field, we could not be more thrilled to partner.”


Rosa Bransky, Co-founder & Co-CEO

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Building narrative, knowledge and power with and for girls.

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