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Girls’ Dreaming and World Building

What would the world look like, feel like, if it emerged from girls’ dreams for the future? Across the world, girls are told to dream smaller, take up less space, and fit into the mould that reality permits them.  We are asking girls to dream big, to let their imagination take the space it deserves, and to share their visions for a world that does not yet exist, but they are actively working to create. We are bringing this research to life through written documentation and art.

Girls’ Dreaming and World Building Research

In 2024 we will deeply explore these questions related to girls dreaming and worldbuilding. For our research on this topic, we have adapted More & More Futures, a game that helps break old patterns of thinking and envision new possibilities for the future. We will use this methodology as a part of storytelling circles with girls to better understand and document their dreams for the future and the ways they are activity building towards that future. Incorporating this game into our research helps girls imagine worlds they want to live in and form a new perspective on the present.

more and more cards

Girls’ Dreaming and World Building Art Installation


Kruthika N.S. is using art to enlarge girls’ dreams, hopes and collective imagination by creating an immersive exhibit based on this research as a part of her master’s thesis with New York University. As an Artist in Residence with Our Collective Practice, she will be creating art using this research material, as well as feminist literature, comics, and stories of girls’ resistance from across the world. Exploring themes of futures, worldbuilding, and dreams, her research will culminate in an exhibit comprising a series of multimedia artwork including illustrations/paintings, linocuts, and puppets/animatronics. Through this exhibit, she will transport the participant to a world of the future: a world where girls’ dreams have already become our reality.

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