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Juliana Román Lozano

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Juliana Román Lozano is a migrant and a feminist activist. Born in Bogota, Colombia, she has lived in Argentina for 19 years. She is a Documentary Director and National Football Coach. Juliana is a former professional Football player and played in Sweden, Colombia and Argentina. She was the main Coach of the First Division Women's Squad of Club Atletico Huracan during the first Professional Women's Soccer Championship in Argentina.


Among other activities linked to sports for social change, she is a founding member and Secretary of the Board of Directors of the La Nuestra Fútbol Feminista Civil Association from 2010 to the present.  La Nuestra is a Feminist sports organisation that aims at building and guaranteeing a safe space, free of violence and discrimination and of high quality and care for girls, women and LGBTIQ. La Nuestra also seeks to put on the spotlight the transformative and dissident power of feminist sport from a critical and intersectional perspective in society in general, and in hegemonic feminism in particular.  Juliana started the organisation at the age of 23 and has worked since the beginning with girls and young women. Today, she plays a supporting role for that group of girls who now lead the organisation.


She is part of the Gender and Sports Advisory Committee of the Undersecretary of Sports of the PBA and currently works in the Directorate of Cultural Policies for Equality of the Ministry of Women, Gender Policies and Diversity of the PBA in which she designed the Gender and Sports Program and is General Coordinator. She is co-author of the books: Ley de Ventaja, Pelota de Papel 3, Female Coaching Zone, Abrir el Juego, Feminismo para Jóvenas and Women's Football and Latin America: Social Challenges and Historical Perspectives.

Building narrative, knowledge and power with and for girls.

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